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Our specialists provide high-level installation of security alarms.

Prior to the installation of security system, a list of hazardous places is updated, and if any, measures to be taken to prevent them are identified. After that type of protection and how to organize it technically is identified, and only after these steps installation of security system can begin. Our specialized engineers with extensive experience in the application of security alarm systems implement this project in a short time. We take into account views and wishes of customers in our solutions. We ensure delivery, installation and future adjustment of equipment in implementation of the project.

Video Surveillance System

Microtech offers you a wide range of video surveillance system equipment to ensure security of facilities. Our company provides reliable video surveillance solutions with a high level of service and support. Provided range includes objects of any size and video surveillance systems for integrated security, as well as territorially distributed security and video surveillance systems for solving any level of difficulty, intelligent systems for video image analysis based on technology, as well as vehicle number recognition, person recognition, etc.

We provide analog and IP video surveillance services. Video surveillance system is the perfect solution for areas such as retail, fuel and energy, utilities, transportation and financial institutions. We use advanced technologies in application of video surveillance systems to prevent illegal actions and minimize violations. Our systems not only detect the most insignificant details in the event of emergency, but also can review and zoom in individual shots.

Access Control System

With access control system, your employees can pass through the doors equipped with turnstiles and electronic locks using a card card. Access control system enables each employee or group of employees enter certain places, and this system can control attendance of employees. In case of emergency ther system sounds an alarm. Within the period when security is provided, all events, alarms, exits are recorded and stored in the system's memory for a long time.