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Microtech performs installation, maintenance and repair of fire protection systems and equipment under a special license No. EL-437/2018 dated November 15, 2018 issued by the Ministry of Economy. Our company offers the following services for automatic fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are used as the primary means of extinguishing a fire. There are different types of fire extinguishers.

1. Water contained in aqueous fire extinguishers is injected under high pressure on the wood and is used once, until the end.

2. Fire extinguishers containing powdered substances contain sodium bicarbonate. It prevents oxygen in the air from reaching the combustible substance.

3. When chemicals contained in foam fire extinguishers contact air carbon dioxide is formed, which covers burning substance like a curtain.

4. CO2 fire extinguishers contain carbon dioxide. It is perfect choice for any fire and does not damage any equipment or materials.

5. Another type of fire extinguisher is all-purpose tool and is used in fires on burning liquids, uneven surfaces (car engines, printing presses, high-voltage electrical appliances, expensive and complex equipment, airplanes). These fire extinguishers should not be used in non-ventilated environments as they are toxic.

Fire Alarm Systems

Timely detection of fires is key for firefighting. Successful application of technological innovations in advanced electronics in fire alarm systems has enabled the production of efficient and flexible fire alarm systems. Microtech offers services for installation, repair and maintenance of appropriate fire alarm systems for facilities of various purposes, depending on method of fire detection. Depending on inherent features of the facility, fire alarm systems are divided into both conventional and targeted types. In addition, the following types of fire sensors can be installed in both systems: 

1. Spot-type heat, smoke and heat-smoke detectors

2. Aspirating smoke and gas detectors

3. Laser mirror type smoke detectors

4. UV/IR flame detectors

In addition, thermal cameras can be integrated into fire alarm systems to monitor various applications and pre-identify parts that could cause a fire at specific facilities. Using thermal cameras, it is possible to accurately control the temperature of several objects within a single image, set maximum and minimum temperatures and receive notifications in case of exceeding the limits by various means.

Fire alarm systems can be integrated into existing systems at the facility.

Automatic Fire Extinguishing

Microtech implements application of local and centralized automatic fire extinguishing systems. Automatic fire extinguishing systems installed on different types of sprinklers and drenchers with different chemical composition are provided with fire detection devices for smoke, temperature, flame, gas and other physical and chemical characteristics, depending on the nature of facility. In general, the system is provided with control, recording and data transmission subsystems, whether local or centralized. All elements of the system are equipped with special relays and other protection systems, which prevent their accidental opening. Moreover, all materials and wires used during installation of the system are resistant to high temperatures and fire.

With application of centralized automatic fire extinguishing systems, it is possible to implement the functions of activating the system and affecting systems other than automatic fire extinguishing system at special facilities and production facilities through signals that can be received from the facilities and other systems available at the entity. The automatic fire extinguishing system can also be integrated with various SCADA and control systems.

Centralized automatic fire extinguishing systems are integrated with access control systems to localize the fire in the event of a fire and prevent it from spreading to other rooms and areas.

Central Control and Fire Communication Systems

When installing both automatic fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems, the main focus should be on timely notification of both the people in the area and the firefighting staff about the identified fire and its suppression process. Depending on the type of facility, the following subsystems can be used in many cases to immediately instruct people during a fire and properly evacuate them from the fire area.

1. Protected Public Address Systems (Figure 6)

2. Fire Call Points (Figure 7)

3. Fire Communication Terminals (Figure 8)

4. Evacuation signs (Figure 9)

 Protected Public Address Systems differ from conventional public address systems in the degree of protection and physical and chemical resistance parameters. Thus, as in all fire protection systems, wires and materials used in protected public address systems are temperature and fire resistant. In addition, loudspeakers themselves are fire-resistant and able to operate in extreme conditions.

Fire call points are installed at the facilities where there are control rooms, as well as at the facilities in order to communicate directly with the fire station. Fire call points are considered to be special protected means of communication and are capable of operating in extreme conditions. Fire call points are used as a means of communication to alert the appropriate structure during visual identification of fire and to receive instructions during fire.

Fire communication terminals are often used in public and crowded places. These terminals are used to communicate directly with control point and dispatcher, to assist in early detection of fire and to provide first aid and instruction in the event of a fire.

One of the most important goals is to evacuate people during a fire. Signs integrated into the fire alarm system during a fire will facilitate evacuation of people. In this case, heat and fire-resistant signs shall indicate evacuation routes with flashing and static lights, activated by backup power source, which is also powered by the system. Evacuation signs are ceiling-recessed, hanging and wall-mounted

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