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Server infrastructure

Today, server solutions are invaluable for optimizing and proper managing business processes. Server infrastructure will allow you to create a favorable working environment for processing and safe storage of various data, use of different levels software, use of different types of services.

Our company provides the following services in the field of server infrastructure:

  • Planning, designing and implementation of corporate server infrastructure
  • Physical installation, setting, monitoring of server equipment
  • Physical installation, setting, monitoring of storage servers
  • Installation and setting of server operating systems
  • Installation, setting, implementation of sacurity measures, management and monitoring of virtual platforms

Installation, setting, implementation of sacurity measures, management and monitoring of security, email, communication, database, web, domain, dhcp, dns, file, monitoring, proxy, backup servers based on server operating systems

Regular backups of server operating systems, establishment of replications (SRM) between branches and head offices

Providing remote desktop service 

Taking into account the individuality of the server and network infrastructure for each business, highly qualified specialists of MicroTech will help you choose the right solution for your business and design different systems for you.

Network infrastructure

MicroTech provides customers with information technology systems improvement, data transmission optimization, local and global networking, as well as information security and other various network services.

For your offices and projects of different sizes, MicroTech provides the following services with proper equipment and solutions:

  • Corporate and Local Area Network Design
  • Establishment of VPN network, secure data transmission
  • Establishment of sustainable and protected wired and wireless network
  • Planning and setting up backup network
  • Network Security (Firewall)
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