18, Suleyman Rustam Str., apartment 4, Baku

Microtech offers fiber optic internet service for individual homeowners. Service is provided via fiber optic cables. Any individual can apply to Microtech for high-quality and high-speed internet in the area covered by the service. The service has the following advantages:

- connection speed up to 100 Mbit/s;

- Uninterrupted internet;

- Easy access to video surveillance, IP telephony, IPTV services;

- No dependence on telephone lines;

- Fast internet in technically limited areas;



Compared to analog TV, IPTV has advantages such as higher picture and sound quality. Analog signal is distorted when passing through repeaters, amplifiers and cables, but this is not the case in digital broadcasting. One of the features of our IPTV service is its transmission to the subscriber through ADSL and Fiber Optic services. The service currently broadcasts more than 300 digital TV channels. Just 4/4 Mbit/s is required to use the service. You need fast internet connection and a SMART Box.

Advantages of our IPTV service:

- Ability to watch from anywhere in the world

- Free broadcasting of local channels

- +300 channels, television daily diary for all channels (EPG)

- 30-day archive for all channels (getting ready ...)

- Archive of more than 300,000 films, series, videos (getting ready ...)

- Pause and rewind during live broadcast (getting ready ...)

- Youtube, Megogo, Skype, Facebook, Instagram

- Ability to connect to WI-FI

- HDMI, AV, USB outputs

- Minimum speed requirement

- Online payment options

- 24/7 Technical Support