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Functionality of system

System of management of financial means and automation of accounting executes the solutions of necessary matters such as management of monetary means, calculation and payment of salaries of employees of enterprise, conduction of accounting of main capital and intangible assets, items and low-priced items of enterprise, preparation of statistical an other reports.

System, moreover, automates the process of entry, displacement and inventory of main capital and expenditures, expenditure of such means, calculation of amortization and entry of balances.


Advantages of system

  • Formation of accounting policy
  • Supporting of several report plan simultaneously
  • Accounting main capital and intangible assets
  • Conduction of staff accounting and calculation of salary
  • Conduction of memorial and journal orders
  • Both functional and economic classification of expenditures
  • Private accounting cards and accounting of operations with treasury
  • Conduction of accounting in cross-section of structural section
  • Various functional and regulatory reports (confrontation acts, form 2 etc)
  • Automation of several processes of enterprise, management of all enterprises from single center
  • Opportunity of establishment of electronic base of all official documents and their reservation safely in electronic archive module
  • Addition of amendments made in organizational structure
  • Design of various sized reports and provision of their integration with MS OFFICE
  • Configuration of employment categories, specialization levels, production calendar, amount of growths due to work experience, amount of pensions paid by SSSF, income tax schedule, tax tariffs, vacation periods, payment interests of disease sheet, types of remuneration and payment task.
  • Design, formation, division of estimation of expenditures of organization for next year, control mechanism to approved budget, planned payments, planning on investment projects, systemization of reports on budget forecast.


Followings are available in software:

  • Descriptions on delivery condition and period of items
  • Analytic reports on title, code, color, size, manufacturer and other features of items
  • Description of orders on each contract (in invoices and items level)

When the software is designed in the network, interface necessary for each user is established. Software is managed in such interface by user name and special code.