HelpCare Pro – Medical service management system

Functionality of system

Medical service management system provides automation of medical services to patients considered for all health institutions.

Such system considered for automation and management of medical processes realized entry of medical card, outpatient and inpatient treatments, regular medical control, medical review and usage from them.

Medical card

This system provides electronic formation of medical card of patient and its use. It is possible to receive detailed information about health condition of patient by this medical card. Information about analysis and treatment is entered to medical card of each registered patient and updated in the system periodically.

Treatment process of patients

It is possible to obtain detailed information about treatment processes and to control current outpatient or inpatient treatment of patient electronically by his medical card. It is also possible to enter information about examination, analysis, diagnosis and treatment process of patient, as well as surgical operations. Such system enables to obtained electronic version of list of all patients on medical institution in any time.

Reports and system users

It is possible to obtain any information about various kind of reports and patients in the system. System enables to obtain reports on current period and date, patients and on treatment processes. As well as, along with opportunity of establishment of any number of system user in the system, by considering the variety of users, special functioned user panel is considered.

Search system

Ordinary, fast and detailed search modules in the system are considered for facilitation of process of finding of any inquiry made. Detailed search module provides operative finding of any necessary information on several parameters in the system

Advantages of system/strong>

  • Fast obtaining of all reports necessary for general medical services
  • Comfortable user interface
  • Fast system made on Oracle and Java technologies
  • Provision of security of database
  • General use from electronic medical cards in medical institutions
  • Entry of any size and kind of information
  • Issue of right of access to system by any number of users
  • Operative search system
  • Receipt of information in any place and time due to being programmed on Web application
  • Electronic receipt of all information about patients