Security systems

Microtech Limited Liability Company implements the sale, installation and integration of security systems based on advanced technologies for production facilities, special objects, apartment and office buildings and other facility types as well. Safety of any object type can be ensured to the highest level through the introduction and integration of fire protection systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems, 24/7 security systems, quick pass systems, perimeter security systems and biometric control systems. Systems specially offered and designed for each facility by Microtech specialists with experience and knowledge are certified by appropriate government authorities.

Fire protection systems

Microtech carries out installation, maintenance and repair of fire protection systems and facilities under special license no EL-437/2018 dated 15 November 2018 issued by the Ministry of Economy. (more details) Our company offers its customers the following services on automatic firefighting and fire alarm systems.

Automatic Fire Suppression

Microtech introduces local and centralized fire extinguishing systems. Automatic fire suppression systems installed on various sprinkler and drencher types are provided with fire detection means for smoke, heat, flame, gas and other physical and chemical properties, depending on the specificity of the facility. In general, the system is provided with control, logon and data transfer subsystems, whether local or centralized. All elements of the system are equipped with special relays and other protection systems, which in turn prevents emergency opening. In addition, all materials and wires used during installation of the system are temperature and fire resistant.

Introduction of centralized automatic fire suppression systems at special facilities and manufacturing plants enables implementation of functions affecting systems other than activation and automatic exit fire-extinguishing system through signals that can be received from other systems existing at facility and entity. Automatic fire suppression system can also be integrated with various SCADA and control systems.

Centralized automatic fire suppression systems are integrated with access control systems to localize the fire and prevent the flame from spreading to other rooms and areas during fire.

Fire Alarm Systems

Timely identification of fire forms the basis of firefighting. Application of scientific and technical achievements based modern electronics in fire alarm systems has enabled the production of efficient and flexible fire alarm systems. Microtech offers installation, repair and maintenance services of appropriate fire alarm systems depending on the type of flame detection for various purpose facilities. Depending on the specificity of the facility, fire alarm systems are divided into both conventional and targeted types. Moreover, the following types of fire sensors can be installed on both systems

1. Spot type heat, smoke and heat/smoke detectors

2. Aspirator type smoke and gas detectors

3. Laser mirror type smoke detectors

4. UB and IQ fire detectors

In addition, it is also possible to integrate thermal cameras into fire alarm systems for monitoring of different areas at special facilities and prior identification of parts constituting fire risk. Thermal cameras enable accurate temperature monitoring of several facilities within a single image, to get functions of maximum and minimum temperature identification and information acquisition through various means when limit is exceeded.

Fire alarm systems can be integrated into existing systems at the facility.

Central Control and Fire Suppression Systems

When both automatic fire suppression and fire alarm systems are installed, the focus should be on timely notification of personnel within the area as well as fire extinguishing personnel about the identified fire and its extinguishing. Depending on the type of facility, the following subsystems can be used during fire to provide immediate instruction to people and to evacuate properly from fire area.

1. Protected loudspeaker systems

2. Fire - call points

3. Fire-contact terminals

4. Evacuation signs

Protective loudspeaker systems differ from ordinary loudspeaker systems according to degree of security, and physical-chemical environment tolerance. As with all fire protection systems, the wires and materials used in protected loudspeaker systems are heat and fire resistant. Moreover, the loudspeakers themselves have the ability to operate in fire-resistant and extreme conditions.

Fire-call points are installed at the facilities where control rooms exist, as well as for direct contact with fire station. The fire-call points are considered special protected communication tools and can function in extreme conditions. Fire-call points are used as a communication tool to alert the relevant structure during the visual identification of fire and to get instructions during fire.

Fire-contact terminals are often used in public places and in places where there are many people. These terminals are used to communicate directly with the control point and the dispatcher, to get first aid and instructions on assistance in initial identifying of fire and during fire.

One of the most important goals is to evacuate people during the fire. The signs integrated in the fire alarm system will facilitate the process of evacuation. Then the heat and fire-resistant signs are activated by the emergency power supply that also feeds the system and they point out evacuation routes with flashing and statical lights. There are ceiling, hanging and wall-mounted type evacuation signs.

Video Surveillance Systems

Security for both the public and the private sector as well as for the individuals is the most important aspect in these days. Application of the most up-to-date technologies to ensure the safety of different type and size facilities is a present day requirement. The role of video surveillance systems among these technologies is indispensable. (more details) Microtech offers its customers the sale, installation and maintenance of multifunctional video surveillance systems.

Analog video surveillance cameras

a. Indoor

b. Outdoor

c. Thermal

d. PTZ

e. Night vision

f. Fish eye

2. IP cameras

a. Indoor

b. Outdoor

c. Thermal

d. PTZ

e. Night vision

f. Fish eye

The proposed systems can be equipped with both local memory and remote storage systems. Our experts will ensure the following to a high standards: establishing a single operations control center for medium and large businesses, setting up intelligent video surveillance systems, şelf-generating reserve copy of memory storage, sectioning monitoring areas during surveillance, establishing of systems with functions of identification of anxiety in motion, moving objects, facial recognition, etc.

Microtech has a professional team and resources for establishing intelligent city, production process control, warehouse and material site monitoring using video surveillance, perimeter security systems.

In addition to installation of video surveillance systems, our company offers customized speed radar, road surveillance cameras, civilian thermal cameras installation and maintenance. Installed systems can be integrated with various automated systems, SCAD and control systems, or custom software can be developed that meets the enterprise requirements.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are used to control the entrance and exit gates of workrooms, warehouses and storage facilities, corridors, etc. at different facilities. Distinction of the system is to prevent unauthorized persons access through enabling access of predefined persons using appropriate techniques to rooms and areas where the control system is installed (more details), to determine using system monitoring who and when used the controlled doors, to prevent the doors from being left open due to human factor. The following equipment is intended to mean technical means used to access the doors mentioned herein

1. Magnetic cards

2. Special identification cards

3. Biometry

4. Remote control

Access control system can be installed on various types of turnstiles, shutters, automatic doors and other systems. Additionally, for the purpose of timesheet recording integration with HR, accounting, and various MRP programs is also offered by our specialists as an additional service.

When integrated with fire alarm and other systems, the installed access systems also has function of automatic evacuation opening in emergencies.