Server infrastructure

Place of server solutions for optimization of business processes and its correct management is peerless nowadays. Server infrastructure will enable you to establish the efficient labor environment for processing and safe reservation of various kinds of products, using of various level software and taking benefit from different kind of services. Company indicates following services in the sphere of server infrastructure:

  • Planning of corporative server infrastructure, preparation and application of projects
  • Physical installation, configuration, monitoring of server devices
  • Physical installation, configuration, monitoring of Storage servers
  • Installation and configuration of server operation systems
  • Installation, configuration of virtual platforms, conduction of security measures, its management and monitoring.
  • Installation, configuration of security, email, communication, database, web, domain, dhcp, dns, file, monitoring, proxy, backup servers on server operation systems, conduction of security measures, its management and monitoring
  • Extraction of backup copies of server operation systems regularly, design of replications among branches and head offices (SRM)
  • Conduction of remote desktop service

By considering individuality of server and network infrastructure for each business, high-specialized experts of MicroTech company will aid you to choose correct solution versions and designing of various systems in conformity with your business.

Network structure

MicroTech company provides services such as improvement of Information Technologies systems, optimization of data transfer, design of local and global networks and provision of information security and other various network services.

MicroTech company realizes following services on equipments and solutions fit for you for your different sized offices and projects:

  • Design of corporative and local network
  • Design of VPN network, safe transfer of data
  • Design of sustainable and secured wired and wireless network
  • Planning and design of reserve networks
  • Security of network (Firewall)

IP telephony

Well-known companies with development of IP technologies prefer IP technologies in the sphere of telecommunication. You will pay less and achieve more effective results through IP telephony.

IP telephony systems will aid you to obtain more qualitative, multi-functional service and sustainable system. MicroTech Company offers following services in the sphere of IP telephony:

  • Establishment of IP telephony system on various vendors
  • Design of call center and IVR
  • Design and configuration of hybrid mini ATS
  • Integration of VOIP and hybrid systems