MicroTech company has single distributorship and service center status on radiodevices of JVCKenwood company in Azerbaijan Republic.

Heritage of Kenwood company in communication devices is the first Amateur Radio presented by the company in 1958 and company became known after this product and turned into one of most known brands in professional amateur/ham radio and dual directed radio communication.

You will be sure to choose worldwide communication solutions from the company approving it reputation by quality, innovation, reliability and orders issued in more than 120 states with millions of devices being under use of thousands of buyers.

You may witness by entering in following category links on wide application of communication devices and systems by Kenwood company.

Our company, along with presentation of various kinds of product choice and solutions on Kenwood radio systems, realizes the services of such products. Detailed information about products and services may be found on WWW.KENWOODCOMMUNICATIONS.AZ  web-site.