HRM cloud application

Functionality of system

It executes solution of necessary matters such as human resources management and automation of management system, calculation of wages of employees of the enterprise, admission of new employees to enterprise, preparation of business trip, vacation and other reports.

Moreover, system automates the process of management of intra-enterprise changes.

Advantages of system

  • Conduction of staff accounting and calculation of wages
  • Conduction of accounting of current working, dismissed and maternity left employees
  • Accompany of works conducted in connection with employees (admission to work, education and development, attestation and motivation etc)
  • Management of staff policy of all enterprise from single center
  • Formation of electronic database of all official documents and opportunity of safe reservation of such documents in electronic archive module.
  • Addition of amendments made in organizational structure
  • Design of various sized reports and provision of their integration with MS OFFICE
  • Configuration of employment categories, specialization levels, production calendar, amount of growths due to work experience, vacation periods, payment interests of disease sheet, types of remuneration and payment task.