eDocM Pro Electronic document circulation

Functionality of system

Document circulation system is the software enabling automation of control process on execution of tasks in connection with documents during use from significant tools and systems such as preparation, agreeing, and approval of documents.

System enables registration of documents and correspondences received from various communication canals to enterprise.

Advantages of system

  • Maximum conformity to existing document circulation structure of state organizations and Clerical law of Azerbaijan Republic
  • Advantages of receipt of permission, signing or reviewing of document in any place of the world
  • Opportunity to execute all works in connection with documents in vacation, business trip, meeting and other place beyond the work by using the system in mobile devices.
  • It is designed on web, all users work in server and thus chance of loss of any documents is equal to zero
  • Search module (Attributive and full context) and save of search configurations
  • Addresses, signing correspondents and other dynamic inquiries
  • Ability to use the system in Android and Apple iOS, tablet devices
  • Signature or endorsement is reflected in electronic document like in paper document when approving or signing the document in the software (hand writing version of signature – signatures are visualized in the system)
  • Software determines the noun cases automatically in Azerbaijani grammar (to whom, from whom, whose etc).
  • Ability of scanning of paper texts, by using special “CPen” pen scanner.
  • Colored indication of seals on the document and their allocation on the document etc
  • Ability of safe reservation of electronic base of all official documents in electronic archive module.
  • Automation of all specific work processes, improvement of efficiency for full management. Speed up to several times and decrease of influence of human factor, reveal of deficiencies in the activity of ministry and their elimination
  • More effective organization of services conducted for citizens and citizen satisfaction etc
  • Establishment of electronic archive on all documents and finding any of such documents in any time easily.