StockPro Warehouse software

Software is made in purpose of automation of accounting of items – materials and monetary means in warehouses of offices, enterprises and organizations, wholesale and retail sales commercial networks, operative controlling of debts, and obtaining of detailed report materials on result of financial – economic activity.

Software enables to work in Azeri, Russian and English languages, and not depending on the language of entry of data, to compile the reports in every 4 languages in parallel.

It is possible to export all reports to MS Excel software.

Software enables to conduct the accounting of items in any number of objects (warehouse, shop, workshop etc) and as well as to execute the production process. It is possible to restore the purchased or sold items.

Software enables to receive the reports both on number and packed box number of items.

Income and expenditure of items may be conducted in any currency. Chronology of exchange rate on each currency is processed daily.

It is possible to register any number of cash and bank reports in the software. Accounting may be conducted in various currencies on each cash or bank report.

Results of items and money operations are reflected properly in debt books of customers. Although operation is conducted in various currencies, software regulates debt on each customer on corresponding rates in accordance with approved exchange rate. It is possible to control overdue debts on senders and buyers in the program.

It is possible to realize the item purchase and sales on orders. In accordance with distribution of software duties designed in wide network system, it enables the customers to approve the compilation made by sellers and release of items by financial responsible persons.

Followings may be found in software:

  • Design of sales and purchase orders and modules of execution of orders by warehousemen.
  • Income, expenditure, displacement of items
  • Operations of returning of items from buyer
  • Operations of returning of items to consignor
  • Various schedules on movement, balance and sales of items
  • Warehouse accounting in any number
  • Analytic reports on title, code, color, size, manufacturer and other features of items
  • General and analytic reports on debts of buyers and consignors
  • Analytic reports on total price and nomenclature of items overdue by buyers.
  • Description of debts on each customer (in invoices and items level)
  • Control on overdue debts of buyers in invoices and items level
  • Reports on movement and balance of monetary means on any number of cash and bank reports
  • Description on each cash or bank account
  • Detailed reports on expenditures of enterprise
  • Reports on incomes received from sales or losses on items
  • Reports of capacity and profitability of sales on buyers
  • Reports on turnover and profitability of sales on sellers of enterprise
  • Profit and final balance of enterprise

When the software is designed in the network, interface necessary for each user is established. Software is managed in such interface by user name and special code. For instance, it is possible to conduct the operations in permitted cash only in the interface considered for cashier. Due to other modules, that are warehouse, financial status etc is not concerned the cashier; such divisions become invisible in the software. Or for instance, other modules become invisible due to conduction of items operations concerns warehouseman only.